As with many other styles of martial arts the belt ranking in Tae Kwon Do is an indication of the students progression through their training. Advancing from beginner belts to advanced belts takes a great deal of hard work and motivation. All students will begin their training as a white belt, this color indicates a beginning or purity as the student is open to learning. Orange Belts are considered to be the rising of the sun or as a student that has not yet achieved the skills but sees the possibilities. Yellow belt is an indication that the student has begun to understand the basic concepts of TaeKwonDo. 3 A Green belt has begun developing power and learning to use the techniques to their advantage when training. A Purple belt student has crossed into the more difficult training including learning the forms and beginning to spar with partners. A Blue belt has passed from the beginner stage into the half way point and is focusing on black belt. Brown and Red Belts have mastered the skills required to become a black belt and begin the process of refining their skills and developing mental skills and control. Black Belts have accomplished and mastered the skills and techniques of Tae Kwon Do and have reached a level of control and maturity.